Camps, Clinics and Events

We offer a number of activities throughout the year both in Australia and Italy catering for a wide range of sports and skills.  Whether you’re into altitude training or open water swimming,  in Australia on the Italian coast, we have something for you. 

Benefits of Altitude Training

January (First 2 weeks)

Altitude Training Camp (4 to 15 days)
Falls Creek - Victorian Alps, Australia

The camp is ideal for triathletes, runners, riders and multisport athletes from recreational to high performance levels as well as for their families. Falls Creek has become an established pilgrimage for Australian endurance athletes of all abilities for over 30 years – it enables athletes to put in a solid block of training during the hottest time of the year to set them up for the next months of training and events.


January (Summer Holiday period)

Triathlon For Juniors Clinic (1 or 2 weeks)
Albury-Wodonga - North East Victoria, Australia

The camp is for juniors involved in triathlon, running, cycling or swimming from recreational to experience levels. All levels are catered for. No matter what level of fitness or experience, first timer or hot shot. Activities includes: Pool Swimming, Running and Bike Rides for all levels, Multisport Sessions, Free-weight Strength & Conditioning workouts, Fitness Test, Transition drills and more. 

Triathlon Training Camp Albury Sep 2015
Fabconda 2009 010

February (First 2 weeks)

FABCONDA Trophy Event (2 to 3 day)
Lake Hume, Albury Wodonga - Australia

Fun event for athletes of any fitness level, experience and age. Participants have the options to enter in any of the offered activities (trail or cross country run, open water swim or down river swim, bike or MTB, kayak and multisport event). For any event the start will be based on handicap time. Slower athletes will start first. The aim it is to finish the events almost together. FABconda is a combination of FUN training and time trial events, where participation is more important than performance. The aim of challenging the FABconda trophy is to have fun while training.

March (2nd weekend)

Bike 100km & 50km Team Time Trial Event
North East Victoria. Australia

The aim of the event is to ride as a team for the full 100km or 50km, without dropping cyclists unless someone decides to ride solo or less distance with the team. Great fun and great team building experience as strong riders can assist and protect other riders. This event is for cyclists of any fitness level.

FB 09
Kara Run Camp

March (3rd weekend)

Running Training Camp (3 days)
Kilcunda, Bass Coast Victoria, Australia

The camp is for triathletes, runners and multisport athletes from novices to experienced athletes interested to develop skills and fitness. The Resilient Runner Training Camp is for anyone wanting to learn how to take their running to the next level through a combination of strength, mobility and mindset training. For more info or enrolment contact Exercise Scientist Kara Landells.

May to September

Weekly Training Camp or Sessions
Versilia Coast - Tuscany, Italy

Ideal for athletes involved in running, cycling, swimming or multisport athletes. We cater for any level of fitness and abilities offering group or individual sessions.


DDS Professional Team Scholarship Camps
Settimo Milanese - Milano, Italy

June to September

Scholarship training camp for performance triathletes willing to improve fitness and experience at a professional level. Athletes will join the Italian DDS Professional Team in training and racing.

September/October (School holidays)

Intensive Training Camp (5 days)
Albury-Wodonga - North East Victoria, Australia

Ideal for athletes, involved in triathlon as well as running, cycling or swimming interested in developing skills and fitness.  Activities cater for any level of fitness and abilities. The camp activities runs from 8am to 5pm each week day.

AUS Pool 1
Training Camp Aireys Inlet 13-16 Dec 10 (9)
Training Camp Aireys Inlet 13-16 Dec 10 (108)


Run and Open Water Swim Training Camp (4 days)
Victorian Surf Coast, Australia

The camp program is designed for juniors interested in developing skills and general fitness. The activities cater for different levels of fitness and experience. Participants must be capable of a minimum of 100m swim and a 15 minute jog.
Activities include: – Life Saving briefings. Board surfing, body boarding and body surfing training. – Ocean swimming, beach and trail running), bouldering (jumping between rocks). – Team activities and Challenge Events.

December (Christmas Holidays)

Bike Tour of High Country event (8 stages available)
Victorian Alps, Australia

Each alternative day, the group will ride one of the famous Victorian Alps ascending to Falls Creek, Mt Buffalo, Mt Hotham, Granya Gap, Tawonga Gap, Stanley Forest and more. The ride is ideal for advanced to performance cyclists. A support car will be available from the start to the end of the ride.